Brighton Business Expo 2017 exhibition stand

Exhibiting at The Brighton Expo?

By Exhibitions

If you’re exhibiting at The Brighton Expo, you’ll need an exhibition stand that ensures you’ll stand out.

The Brighton Racecourse

Thursday 5th October

Chromatics can help you by providing an exhibition stand to meet your needs and your budget. We cater for all brands, big and small, to provide a range of display solutions.  From pull up banners, pop up portable stands and full blown bespoke, space only stands.

With an interesting seminar programme, speed networking and keynote speakers, the free-to-attend Brighton Expo is sure to be a big hit with local businesses wanting to grow and make new contacts.

Booking an exhibition stand at the Brighton Expo

If you’ve not yet booked a stand, you can do so here. With between 300-500 visitors expected through the doors, booking a stand at Brighton’s largest business show provides you with the perfect platform to engage with quality decision makers face-to-face.

With 1m x 2m shell scheme stand prices starting from as little as £375, ideal for small and medium sized businesses, don’t leave it to the last minute to secure your space!

How we work

Chromatics provide exhibition stands that are easy and quick to assemble, look great, can be used over and over and will last for many years.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and what they’re looking to achieve at the show.

Whether it’s a single pull-up banner or large bespoke stand, all our clients are treated to the same level of service that includes free advice, professional design and a speedy turnaround for those last-minute stand bookings!

Get in touch today for a free quote. We look forward to helping you display yourself at The Brighton Expo.

10 ways to attract people to your exhibition stand.

10 ways to attract people to your exhibition stand

By Exhibitions

1. Pre-exhibition marketing

Getting people onto your exhibition stand doesn’t start at 10am when doors open. It starts way before then with your pre-show marketing strategy which utilises social media and email to inform your customers, prospects and email subscribers of your attendance at the exhibition.

2. Stand out with branded clothing

Every element of your visual presence should be designed to reflect both the quality of your offering and the strength of your brand. Break from the norm of wearing formal clothing on a stand and wear bright, branded tops. Plus, it makes it easier for delegates to identify who to speak to on a busy stand.

4. Your exhibition stand is your shop window

How many times have you walked past a stand wondering what on earth that company does? In a busy exhibition hall, you need to stand out and it needs to be clear within seconds what you offer. This is where some expert input and guidance on exhibition stand design and build comes in (that’s what we do by the way).

5. Action

Admit it, you’ve been to an exhibition and had stand envy. You wished you had the great idea of putting on something for people to do, whether it’s mini pitch and putt, roulette or magic tricks. Having something going on can be a big attraction and if you can find a natural linkage with what you offer, that’s even more powerful.

6. Stream video on your stand

In the B2B world, potential buyers always want to know who your customers are. It gives them a good indication as to whether your service may also work for them and everyone loves a bit of name dropping.

Take along a laptop or large LCD screen (it’s a business expense after all) and display your portfolio. It gives delegates something to look at and it’s also a useful talking point, particularly for staff who aren’t as experienced in engaging with exhibition visitors.

7. Smile

It sounds obvious, but it’s surprising how many people look bored or disinterested on their exhibition stand. This is your one shot at seeing your audience face to face and making a good impression. Smile, look friendly and approachable and make it count.

8. Play catch

Don’t you just hate it when stand staff come at you in the aisles! A unique way to approach people could be to gently throw something useful to them for them to catch, for example an orange, apple or small water bottle. If it’s branded, even better.

9. Useful branded giveaways

Notice the emphasis on useful, not useless, as this brand of promotional item will go straight in the bin. Pens are always a winner as exhibition giveaways and consider things like branded ‘to do’ pads, supermarket trolley coin keyrings, screen cloths and nail files (if a female-heavy audience like at a wedding show for example).

8. Exhibition exclusive offer

Provide attendees with a reason to sign up with you at the exhibition, whether it’s a reduced price, additional features or extended trial period. And don’t be afraid to extend the offer as part of your post follow up marketing.

10. Appeal to all their senses

How about ‘perfuming’ your exhibition stand? Olfactory marketing (using appealing scents to create a positive brand association) creates a difference and your clients remember your company by the ‘scent of it’.