“I’ve booked a shell scheme stand”

If you’ve booked a shell scheme stand, we can help. Our wall graphics or pop up stands will transform blank shell schemes into eye-catching, branded exhibition stands.

Shell Scheme Stands. Design, Print & Install. Chromatics UK, Sussex

What are my options?

There are numerous ways to dress your shell scheme, and it can be done on a small budget:

  1. Shell scheme wall graphics to cover the panels. These are available in PVC, foam or fabric.
  2. Pop-up stand. Assorted sizes are available. Twist pop-ups allow for your stand to be curved or straight.
  3. Pull up banner, also called a roller banner. Great for small spaces and available for under £100.Pull up banner

How do I choose?

Pull up banner


Pull up banners are OK for first-time exhibitors with a very small stand space.  They also have lots of other uses, other than exhibition display. But, they’re not a great option for an exhibitor wanting to make a big impact.

Check out our great range of pull up banners. All can be custom designed for you.

Pop-up stand

3 x 3 pop up exhibition stand

3 x 3m pop up stand

Take them anywhere

The biggest benefit of pop-up stands is their flexibility. You can take them to events, conferences and exhibitions or even use them as a pop-up in a shopping centre or as a backdrop for some photography in your office.

Assembled in minutes

They’re easy to assemble and neatly carried in a carry case.

Pop up stands can be produced from your own artwork or in-house by our exhibition stand design studio.

Shell scheme wall graphics

Takes up no extra floor space

Shell scheme wall panels. Design, Print & Install. Chromatics UK, Sussex

Shell scheme wall panels

Typically, a 3x2m shell scheme stand fitted with a pop-up display at the back and a couple of banner displays at the side, will lose about half of its floor area to graphics. Whereas, graphic panels fitted to the walls, take up no extra space.

Seamless fabric looks amazing

These have traditionally been available in PVC or foam and now in tension fabric which achieves amazing results. It’s flexible, durable, reusable and rolls up very neatly for transport.

Bespoke stand look & feel

As we design and print each shell scheme in-house, we can create a bespoke exhibition stand immersed in your branding. With well-designed graphics, a shell scheme stand can be turned into something that is unique to you and guaranteed to attract attention.

Give us a call

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Let’s look at your options of shell scheme wall graphics:

Seamless graphic panels

An extremely popular way of cladding your shell scheme stand.  A stand can be transformed in minutes with high-impact, vibrant colour panels.

By using the existing frame, we clad the entire wall area with seamless PVC graphics to create a bespoke look.

You don’t need to worry about the exhibition organiser’s requirements and exclusions.  Shell clad seamless panels allows you to cover every inch of your exhibition stand space, without glueing, taping, bolting or screwing.

The graphics are supplied in tubes and are pre-cut and finished ready to fit your space. You simply attach the pre-prepared plastic clips to the walls and roll your graphics into place. Easy peasy!

The graphic panels are suitable for most exhibition stands, so can be re-used again and again.

Infill graphics

Printed PVC graphics are affixed to sit between the vertical bars that make up your shell scheme walls leaving the aluminium framework showing. This is a typical and cost effective solution.


Foamex boards

Thick rigid foamex boards are a simple and effective way to dress the walls of your stand. The graphics are printed onto the board and laminated and then fixed direct to the stand using velcro hook and loop.

Seamless fabric panels

The revolutionary fabric system is the most portable, most seamless and the most stunning shell scheme solution.

There are no joins to worry about. The fabric panels completely cover the walls giving a truly bespoke look to your exhibition stand.

Fabric wall panels can be used again and again and because they’re crease-resistant fabric, they simply roll up and pack away into a small carry case with virtually no risk of being damaged.

They’re even fully washable – it’s that awesome!

How it works

Plastic clips are fixed to the shell scheme uprights to create a velcro post. The fabric graphics are supplied with velcro sewn to all the edges and attached to these velcro clips.

Designed for you

We can print from your supplied artwork or our creative studio can create the design for you. It’s our job to create high impact exhibition display, so you can rest assured you’ll be happy with the end-result.

Ready to chat?

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Portfolio – showcasing our work

Shell scheme

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Shell clad panels for Wordsworth Technology

Shell Scheme Stand. Exhibition Stand Experts - Chromatics UK. Sussex

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Wall Graphic For Brighton band. Large Format Printers, Chromatics UK. Sussex

Wall Graphic for Brighton Band, Super Lungs

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Shell scheme foamex panels

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Shell Clad Graphics

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