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Brighton Business Expo 2017 exhibition stand

Exhibiting at The Brighton Expo?

By Exhibitions

If you’re exhibiting at The Brighton Expo, you’ll need an exhibition stand that ensures you’ll stand out.

The Brighton Racecourse

Thursday 5th October

Chromatics can help you by providing an exhibition stand to meet your needs and your budget. We cater for all brands, big and small, to provide a range of display solutions.  From pull up banners, pop up portable stands and full blown bespoke, space only stands.

With an interesting seminar programme, speed networking and keynote speakers, the free-to-attend Brighton Expo is sure to be a big hit with local businesses wanting to grow and make new contacts.

Booking an exhibition stand at the Brighton Expo

If you’ve not yet booked a stand, you can do so here. With between 300-500 visitors expected through the doors, booking a stand at Brighton’s largest business show provides you with the perfect platform to engage with quality decision makers face-to-face.

With 1m x 2m shell scheme stand prices starting from as little as £375, ideal for small and medium sized businesses, don’t leave it to the last minute to secure your space!

How we work

Chromatics provide exhibition stands that are easy and quick to assemble, look great, can be used over and over and will last for many years.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and what they’re looking to achieve at the show.

Whether it’s a single pull-up banner or large bespoke stand, all our clients are treated to the same level of service that includes free advice, professional design and a speedy turnaround for those last-minute stand bookings!

Get in touch today for a free quote. We look forward to helping you display yourself at The Brighton Expo.

pull up banner mistakes to avoid

Pull up banner design mistakes to avoid

By Pull up banners

Pull up banners are a great piece of marketing kit – flexible, easy to assemble and low-cost.  But, get the design wrong and you’ve lost that opportunity to create a great impression.

Due to their quick turnaround and provision of online ordering, companies tend to leave it to the last minute to order their pull up banners.  The danger is that the design is rushed and there’s no support from an online supplier to check your artwork.

If we’ve not been involved in the design for a pull-up banner, we always give our customer’s artwork the once over to ensure the design is OK.  Here’s our quick guide to what we look for and the design mistakes to avoid when putting together your pull up banner design.

Unreadable text at the bottom of the pull up.

1: Putting key information at the bottom 

When designing your pull up banner, it’s important to remember that you need to put all the valuable information, such as key selling messages, at eye level, where it’s most likely to grab someone’s attention.  Putting anything below eye level really is a waste of time.

2: Cluttered text & images

Think ‘less is more’ with pull up banner design.  Their role is to create a branded environment and communicate as quickly and easily as possible, what you offer.  Resist the temptation to fill the pull up banner with every bit of information you can think of about your product or service.  Also, think about how people read; from top to bottom and left to right and lay out text accordingly.


Pull up banner design

Less is more! Great, high quality hero image.

3: Low-quality images

A gif image on your website may look OK but it will look awful when enlarged for a pull up banner.  All images that you use on your pull up banner design must be high quality and at the very least, 300 dpi and saved as CMYK ready for print.

Avoid stock photography of models peering over paperwork, looking at graphs or having a group hug.  Be original and creative in your pull up banner design.

You can purchase high-quality images from the big libraries—Flickr, wire services, and commercial stock photography sites.  Also, check out Unsplash which is a vast online photo library with around 200,000 high-resolution images, every one of them free to download and use however you like.


pull up banner design

Brand consistency

4: Inconsistent with brand

Creating a pull up banner design in isolation of your brand guidelines is a definite no-no.

The wrong shade of blue or slightly different spacing around the logo will be amplified on a large roller banner for all the world to see.

Be sure to follow your brand guidelines, using the correct logo, colours, fonts and style and tone so that it complements existing marketing and promotional material.




5. No contact details

 The beauty of a pull-up banner is that it’s flexible and portable – so you can take it anywhere.

You’d be quite right to think your contact details aren’t essential when a pull up banner is placed in your office reception area, but what about when it’s used elsewhere, such as on an exhibition stand or as a backdrop for a press interview?  Include your contact details such as a web address and telephone number so that it will be effective advertising wherever you are.

Floor & wall graphics for gyms and health clubs

By Wall graphics

As seen in many gyms, there is a growing trend for displaying large wall graphics that are designed with psychology in mind.

Messages around motivation, inspiration, strength and perseverance are all strong values to convey to gym members.  This is achieved using images of famous sportspeople, people exercising or motivational quotes.

Wall graphics can revitalise an old gym

Wall graphics have become very popular, with a trend towards temporary, easily-updatable décor in leisure, retail and offices. They are a fantastic way to add character and spirit to your gym or health club. Whether you’re a new gym wanting to create a bold and unique theme or an older gym needing to breathe some life into a tired looking interior.

Chromatics will work with you to create stunning graphic designs which can be printed onto a range of materials & finishes.  From internal pop-up stands and wall display panels to outdoor hoardings, flags and hanging banners, we’ll create real wow factor.

We can also produce wall graphics which are digitally printed vinyl & wallpapers that come in many different textures and can be applied to various surfaces.

As a large format and digital printing specialist, we can also print your leaflets, direct mail and posters to ensure consistency in your branding and design.

Our designers can take an existing design or create something stunning for you. All printing is done in-house, under one roof.

So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch to find out what we can do for you? Request a quote or call us on 01444 881 000.